Winter Shakers


Winter Shakers


Wood engraving.  4 3/4" x 7 1/4" image on 7 1/4" x 10" magnani pescia paper.  Click on photo to see full print.  

Winter Shakers is one of nine prints in the Shaker Prayer series.

Please note because paper is hand-torn there may be slight irregularities in paper size. 

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Part of a group on nine wood engravings inspired by Shaker heritage.

For nearly two centuries the Shakers expressed their vision of heaven and love for God in their worship, communal life style, and their handiwork.  The spirit that inspired their endeavors dwells within each object they made.

The Shaker chairs are the most powerful symbols of this spirit, so simple in line as to reflect heavenly perfection, they invite visiting spirits to rest: they are wonderfully crafted prayers. 

A parallel spirit flows through all of nature, embodied in growing things, moving through seasons and cycles, exuberant and animate. 

These sister spirits have influenced my work and form the basis of the Shaker Prayer series.